Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Art journaling

Hello my crafty friends!!
     Today I wanted to talk about art journaling. I found art journaling about 6-9 months ago, and guess what? I LOVE it.
     I have about 5 journals that I am currently working in.  Some days I work in only one. Other days I work in several. While one is drying I work in another.  I do have a few that are (loosely) for particular purposes. One such beauty is my "release and relax" journal. I use this journal to get what ever is bothering me out and onto to the paper. It allows me to say awful or wonderful things without anyone ever knowing or finding out.
      I have always kept a journal, well not an everyday journal more like a in spurts journal. I have always felt so much better when I am able to "say" those things you should never say out loud. 
     One day about 7 years ago now, my husbands sister passed away very unexpectedly. She was a journal keeper and everyone wanted to read them. They wanted to "hear" her sweet give you the shirt off her back gentle and loving spirit forever immortalized in words on paper. That is NOT what was found. All her journals were negativity journals. Friends, family, ect. were devastated and hurt.
     For the longest time I would not dare write in journal, what if they found some of the terrible things I written in order to get things out of my head and heart?  I could not keep away from the needed release of getting things off of my chest. I would write and then trow them away or burn them.
      Then one day I found art journaling. I knew exactly what to do with the journals that I had hidden deep in the closet. I could put gesso, tissue paper, paint, collage, and any other number of things. I could then make a wonderful piece of art for my loved one to see. Never knowing that underneath lay all the raw unfiltered feelings. What a relief. 
     Not all my journals have a purpose, some pages are just to play with a new product I get. One of the best things about art journaling is, if I hate the page in end I can choose to keep it and learn to embrace imperfection or I can gesso over it and have another go at it.

I got a few of the small 6 jar sets of  Luminier Silks paints for Christmas. I love them so much. I can not believe how much shimmer they have. They are very creamy and fun to work with. The butterflies are a Keiser Craft sticker set that I got in a Flying Unicorn kit.  The black circles were made with a cap from my allergy medicine. :)

Some times when my brain is chaotic being able to make order on the journal page makes me feel so much better.

Here is a page from my release and relax journal. Under neath the art on this page is a written journal page.  I plan on posting more journal pages in the future. I hope that you find a wonderfully freeing way to get your clutter out of your heart and head.  Have a wonderful day!!


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