Monday, January 30, 2012

Just a fun project I came up with.

My daughter made me a "cuff" out of an old shirt and I love it. I asked her if I could decorate it and bling it out and she said "of course that is why I made it for you"!! So, I did and here are the pics.
I am also posting pics of the mini that I will be teaching during a workshop tomorrow. So excited my first mini workshop.

 I made all of the flowers that are on here myself.
 I made this ring last week. I love it. ;)
 This flower was made from lace that was gifted to me and the center is an awesome button I found.
 These fabric roses are so easy and fun to make.
 I love dragonflies.

 This mini is the one I am helping the ladies make at the workshop. They will have the choice of what paper they would like to use. This is mostly 7 Gypsies.

 I hope you enjoyed this.Have a scraptastic day!!


  1. Haley!
    You and your girl are really talented! Everything is so pretty. Great job!

    Have a wonderful day :-)

    Cinthia Q :-D

  2. I love all your stuff. The baby mini and blanket turned out super cute. I have been trying to figure out how to comment on your blog. I hope this works.

    I also love the layouts. They turned out great. I really like the lacy one. That turned out super cute! Where did you get such a cute baby from? :) LOL! (Then they turn into teens....LOL!

  3. I know you told me about the cuff, but it is awesome to see! You both did great! How fun!!