Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday??

Goodmorning crafters!! Normally Mondays are not particularly spectacular to me especially when I had to wake up at evil o'clock.  I apploud the awesome people who are morning persons I truly admire ya'll. I am so far away from being a morning person. I am a 9 - 10 (ish) kinda gal. Oh and that is recent for me. Up until about a year or so ago I was a 10- 11 (ish) kinda gal.  This morning there was lots to do. So, I am up and at um.

As promised on Friday (or was that Saturday) I have some pics for you.
This wallet mini was inspired by Charliejones2628 (her youtube user name). I used the dimensions of the box she gave instructions for (ish). I changed a thing here and there. This is cover. This was made for a baby shower. The mom is such a sweet lady it was such a pleasure knowing she was going to be receiving it.

I left this spot open for the nice big photos you get when the baby is first born and one underneath the some so they can do a nice family portrait.

 I just love the little song books in the G45 playtimes past paper.  This is a card and in the next pic you will see how it sits in the album. The card has space for 4 photos. There is a card set up like this on the other side of the mini as well.
A band glued to the paper holds the card in while allowing you to take it out and look at all of the photos.
 How cute is this onesie?? My sweet scraptastic friend Rose sent me these onesie cut outs. I thought they were just perfect for this mini, so I decorated them and popped an eyelet in them and used jump rings to attach it to the page. The back of the mini had journaling lines.
I must say this onesie is my fav. The little ribbon umpire waist and the little hearts. Love it!!.

 this is the very center of the wallet mini. How sweet it was of Rose to stamp the girl onesie with the info.
 This one up and one below are the left and right that fold down to cover the very bottom center. (shown in the photo with the vital info stamped on the onesie.

 This is the bottom of the wallet when you first open it up. Goodness my pictures are usually much more crisp then this.
this the underneath of the top flap.
this is the very bottom underside or back if you will.
I also made a small blanket for the baby.
 Out mommy to be picked purple and pink as here colors, so I made a quick granny square crochet blanket. The dark purple is mohair yarn as is the green . The mohair yarn was sent to me by my mother for my birthday last year. It is really soft and very beautiful. The light purple is Caron super soft (sweet lilac - I think). The white I have no idea it was a sweet hand me up from my mother in law.
Ok my scraptastic friends these are two of the 4 project pics I promised. I will be posting the other pictures later on this evening.
Have a scraptastic day!!

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