Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lovely lady of the page

I just wanted to take a quick minute to tell anyone who reads this, that you can be brave!! You can draw what ever you want. You can like it or not. You can put it out there for others to see. Will some people have a bad attitude and criticize it?? Yes, in truth there will be some. Will others be inspired to be brave and post their own?? Yup!!  I created this whimsical art journal page painting of a woman. Are the proportions of her face correct? Nope! I am happy and proud of her? Heck yeah I am. I used techniques that I usually shy away from. I hope that if you have a desire to create please create. Please don't worry about what others think. Most importantly please, please, don't compare your work to others. Compare you work to your older work. You can feel free to learn from others. Learn techniques that are willing to teach. If you learn a technique or the inspire you, tell them and please make sure to let others know. Chances are if they like what you created due to their influence, they will too. If we as a community build each other up we will show others to afraid to enter the courage to do so.  Ok, enough blather here she is.

I added a frame. How cool are are phones now a days?? Man, I remember using a payphone.
it reads:" the only time you truly can't do something is when you stop trying. Keep going till you succeed."

I normally am not pleased with faces and hair. I decided it was time to stop worrying and enjoy my creations.

I don't know about you, but eyes are hard. I am getting better at them. I used past pictures that I created to figure out how much better I have gotten. :)

shadowing on her neck made me happy. The part in her hair made me VERY happy!!

Here it is again, this time no frame. Which do you think looks better?
Thank you for take a few mins to read what I had to say and look at my pics.
Please feel free to leave critiques that I can learn from.
Have a great day!!

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