Monday, January 18, 2016

What to do with all those vintage books you collected.

Must collect hymnals, vintage books, old encyclopedias, ect., ect., AAAANNNNDDD suddenly you have a huge pile of them. You knew what you were going to do with them when you started collecting them. Maybe  you saw and amazing project on Pinterest, or maybe a Youtube video about junk journals,but now that you have them you either have more than anticipated (since there can never be to many LOL) and are looking for ideas with what to with them.  Well, me too.

Got a  large box of Hymnals for 25 bucks!! I have probably 50 or so.

 Turn them into sketch books.
 How afraid are you of ruining a book that well, frankly you either got for free or are contemplating getting rid of?  I love to practice drawing, I am not very good at it, hence the practicing, but I surly do not feel bad messing up in a book I got for free or for nearly nothing. In my crazy thought pattern "sketch" books are for people who draw well and are artists. If I spend money on one I better only put "worthy" things in it. Am I the only one?? Well, anyway if I use a book I got for free or nearly free I feel like it is ok to have more bad pages then good ones. Here is one I am working on right now: This one is my faces journal/sketch book.
Here is the finished page. I used Neocolor watersoluable crayons to add color and a Sakura white ink pen for the highlights in the eyes.

I glue two pages together and viola, I can draw, paint or watercolor on them. Here I used a Stabilo water pencil and Gesso. I will say that you do have to consider how thin your paper is. This book is over 100 years old so, I have to be very careful with how much I erase and it needs to be dried between wet applications.

As you can see the very fragile pages become very sturdy and workable when you glue two together and then cover the pages you want to draw on with a light coat of gesso.  I have a bunch more of these books, so I will post as I come up with more uses for them.  Thank's for stoping by my blog. I really love feed back and suggestions. Feel free to leave a comment.
Have a creative day!!

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  1. I love how creative you are!! The idea of taking old books and using them to make art is simple but has such elegance. You are very talented and I as I look over your posts, I can see how you are artistically evolving. Pretty inspiring to me!!